Monday, June 25, 2012


usually, I get full marks for my spelling and 听写 (see the 1st two pages)...
Last week Mummy didn't teach me 听写 cos she thought we had come to the end of the 听写 list and it's holidays so there is no 听写.

Alas! there is!
the list is on the reverse page
and I failed.
I blamed her for making me fail.

Mummy was very amused by this week 听写 though.
cos I only know how to (write) 看电视. she thought it was so reflective of my interest.


kkf said...

the spellings are so difficult! luo tuo???

Hann Hann said...

yah man!

my mummy had a hard time teaching me some of the words. but I find them managable.

now it's the pin-ying I'm not getting.

leehuck said...

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