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18 things to do at Titans of the Past - Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals

a long overdue post... 
but no worries, the exhibition is on til 23 Feb 201.
and we've got Trail Booklets to give away!
see end of post for more details.

 We were very privileged to be invited to launch of the exhibition:

Titans of the Past - Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals

@ Science Centre Singapore
now til 23 Feb 2014

Welcome to the Titanic Titans of the Past!

Our family loved the exhibition, went twice and even organised a guided group tour (by the staff) for our friends.

We were surprised when a friend of ours was disappointed and said "just like that?" after visiting the exhibition on their own.

so here's our suggestion on
what to do at the Titians of the Past exibition,
besides using the Trail Booklet.

1. Discuss the 3 Most Important scientific theories in paleontology,
how these are in line/ out of pharse with your personal believes.
For younger kids, just what is paleontology in the 1st place.

2. talk to the guides / staff on duty


If you see any staff near any exhibit, just grab hold of them and ask them a question or simply ask them to tell you more about the particular exhibit you are at.

If we had not a guide, we would not know what this T-rex, Wankel, was thought to be pregnant when found (not mentioned on the info board).

3. read the information board on display,
if there are no guides nearby.

most of the boards are at appropiate height for children to read on their own.

4. play "spot the differences" and discuss the changes in the skull of triceratops as they grow.

5. Go into the room and watch the video explanation on how the Triceratops skull changes as they grow.

me in the "theatre"

 6. compare these to the human skull.
Do u think babies or adults have more bones?
click for answer.

7. Find the 11 real million years old fossils 

don't tell u which of these are real. haha.

Don't worry, Jade.
It won't bite u thought it is REAL!

If you came out of this exhibition thinking that you've paid to see nothing but plastic, then you must have missed the real stuff including
This Real T-Rex Skull,
the Largest ever found and
1st time out of USA.

and this real triceratops rib cage with T-rex's claw marks.

8. ride on a Dino skull ride!

Wish it were alive.

Meimei's not scared of this one!

9. Play match the bone game.

 As you enter into the 2nd segment of the exhibition where the life-sized dinosaur skeletal casts of the Argentinosaurus is,

10. sit down and watch the video on where and how dino fossils are discovered.

11. find out the length of an Argentinosaurus 
 and if you were to lie down on the ground, how many of you it'll take to cover the length of one Argentinosaurus.

12. Vote for the winner in the Giga vs Stan contest.
Read about them before deciding.

13. or better still, get each parent to rally for each dino while the child(ren) decide

who will win.
(no prize)

14. the highlight for all kids:  
Get in the sand pit and "dig" for dino bones like a palentologist!

    Time to dig (for bones).

15. Guess what each of these eats.

16. play with dino puzles
Jade has No idea were to put the pieces. ha!
eh, science centre, please provide a stool for these small kids.

17. Make a Dino craft

get a dino headband,

paint a styroform dino puppet.

In the final segment,

18. find out the names of the 10 animatronic Ice Age mammals.

We didn't get to do that cos my sister was scared of the mammoth and we had to hurry thru' this segment.

Young children might be frightened in this exhibition cos it's rather dark...

and my 3-year-old sister was very scared of the animatronics dinos.

We were very blessed on Launch day.

We went 2 rounds on launch day and on our 2nd round, we saw our favourite the Noose uncles filming a promotional clip in the exhibition hall!

I was shy but managed to ask for a photo with Kang ah-roo aka Alaric Tay.

We also got to see these really really old real fossils.

One uncle even showed us his personal collection of a set of real cave bear's teeth fossils!

oh well.. though scary for Jade, she still says that the exhibition was good and asked to go back again and again!

and of cos it was fabulous for me!

If you have not been to Titans of the Past yet,
we'd like to bless you with this 25-page A5-sized Trail Booklet

Simply share and leave a comment on this post with your email address and my mummy will contact you.
subject to availability though and
we'll only mail to Singapore addresses though.

If you'd like us to organise another guided tour, do tell us too!

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