Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day at East Coast Park

More nature for me! This time, it's the beach...

See where Mummy and I put our hands (her right, my left)...

cos our hands are "dirtied" with sand.

Pour pour pour

oo... I wet my shoe and Mummy took it out.

Mummy thought I can then put my foot on the sand, but...

I put it on the other shoe cos I don't want to dirty my foot.

I dont' like the sand sticking on me...

Hann's Mummy says, "It was strange that Hann didn't go 'wild' at the beach. He just sat on the mat, and played with the sand and water (we brought from the sea in a tub). He didn't like the sand on him, didn't want to put his feet on the sand and didn't even want to walk around on the beach.

and I thought his teachers said he enjoys sand-play. now I wonder what kinda sand-play he does in school.

Seeing that he's not exactly enjoying himself (actually it's hard to tell cos he looks so serious when he's concentrating), I suggested going cycling..."

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