Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Outing w/o papa

It's been a long time since I went out with Mummy alone. She seldom go out without papa these days.

We took the MRT and alighted at Somerset.

Oh my, Mummy was surprised to see that the exit at Somerset changed so much. there's construction going on everywhere.

We actually dated Joseph and his mummy to have brunch at Hereen's Marche.

butbutbut.. it was not in operation anymore! in fact, all the eateries in Hereen were gone. Yet something new to Mummy.


This is the busstop outside Hereen. We decided to eat at Paragon.

Ooo.. it's an advertisement from my parents' alma mater.

After brunch, Joseph and I went to the playground at 5th level, Paragon

Joseph, are you coming?

There you are!

Joseph and I kept looking for each other while at the playground.

We decided that we should wait for each other..

I use the stairs to get to the top.

Joseph is more ga-rang than me...

This is how he gets up. I tried too but didnt dare to go all the way.

See how we slide down and you know the difference. ha.

It fact, it took me a while before I decided that I am able to go down the slide myself.

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