Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on Mummy's Health

After Joseph went home with his Mummy, I accompanied mine to her tri-monthly thyriod review.

Below are the pictures I took:

The carpet at Dr Kevin Tan's Clinic. Nope, those are not Mummy's legs.

a girl outside the clinic. probably from the pd's clinic opposite.

Doc said everything's looking good for Mummy and asked if she's feeling normal now.

Mummy said no, her hands are still shaking when she's tired.

Mummy thinks how can she be normal when she's still emotional everytime she talks/thinks about her condition. She wanteda ask Doc if it's the effect of the thyriod prob but she didn't, for fear that once she open her mouth, her tears will drop. and her immune system is like on the shut down. she's having a bad sore throat these two days after having running nose for a few days (think I passed to her). In her words, "her immunity is zero".

Please pray for her speedy recovery as she has tonnes of work to do and have to start teaching next Tuesday.

oh well, we got home from the clinic

and Mummy bought herself a milkshake from Macdonald's.

after she finished, she kena gastric pain.

no more milkshake for you, Mummy!


小丘 said...

As teacher, totally understand how u feel!

Take care. and rest well, dun work so hard lar, health is more important. Even if we slog like hell, dun think anybody will appreciate.

Hann Hann said...

Hann's Mummy said...

That's the sad part isn't it? nobody appreciate.

小丘 said...

you are right! if not for the good pay, will already left the service.

Crystal said...

I was about to ask you when is your review to the doc. Glad to know that doc say everything looks good, well... I think except for the shaking hands when you are tired. Maybe cos you too tense up?

Take care of your health, rest when needed and if needed, take some supplements... not promoting supplements, but I guess certain things we are not able to consume enough in daily diet.

May your immunity be stronger soon!