Friday, September 5, 2008

Half-Day with my Grandparents

I had fever for 6 days (no more since Mon night) and Mummy decided to keep me away from school this whole week.

Yesterday, both Papa and Mummy had to work so my grandparents looked after me.

Mummy found me in Popular Bookshop when she came back from work.
I was sitting on the floor and reading a WALL.E book.

When I saw her, I told her,
"This book very nice."

Later Ah Gong told me it's time to go and I said,
"Don't want Mummy. Don't want Mummy!"
(see video)
This is the 1st time I ever said, 'dont' want Mummy." but she's more amused than sad.

Ah Gong then told me that we'll get the books and read at home.
Me joining the queue.

besides the books, Ah Gong also bought a Thomas the Engine Train Set (with tracks) for me!
My parents have been telling me that we can't get Thomas Train Set cos we spent all the $$ on my medical fees.

Me fixing up the tracks.

I can play with Thomas the whole day and still won't get sick of it.
I love Thomas! Thanx, Ah Gong!

on the taxi on our way home from Toa Payoh,
Mummy told me, "You cannot always ask Ah Gong to buy toys for you ah."
I replied, "Ah Gong always buy so many toys for Hann boy. Anyhow."


In the evening, Ah Mah called Mummy and told her that I requested her to change my diapers 3 times including once when I poo-ed. All within my 4 hours stay at her place.
In school, my teachers sometimes only use 3 diapers in 11 hours (very bad hor).

So Mummy asked me, "how come you ask Ah Mah to change ya diapers so many times? In school never ask ya teachers to change?"

I answered, "Teachers busy."

Mummy, "..."


mamabliss said...

hahahaha Hann is so cute... like his last reply to your question...

pc said...

he really said teachers busy??? he is super cute~! totally love your posts on 言出天行^_^.