Tuesday, May 19, 2009

网中人 + Heritage Tour of the Ecogarden, Science Centre

This is a very outdated post.
but since I've uploaded all the pictures...

26th April 2009

Man in the net
man in the net
Nemo, I'm caught in the net like you.

Mummy wanteda bring me to the Heritage Tour of the Ecogarden at Science Centre but we were early so we went for a walk around Science Centre.

We found this P.S.L.E. corner...

They have exhibits on


very much designed for primary school syllabus I suppose.
but it's quite boring...

We also discovered this Math corner but it was closed.
Mummy's looking forward to see what's in it.

It's time for the Ecogarden Tour...

Papa giving me a brief before we start.

The tour guide korkor gave me this "leaf".
we're supposed to find all these flowers + plants in the garden.

The korkor leading us to the rubber "plantation".

This is a rubber tree.

The korkor showing the children the rubber leaves and seeds.

I was not really interested in what the korkor has to say so we ended up in the tree house instead of joining the tour.

I'd say the tour is really educational but maybe more for older kids.

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